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Don Price

Coaching Minds for Success--Transformational Hypnotherapist/Life Coach
Los Angeles, CA

Has Covid-19 brought about new Fears, Stress, and Anxieties that you just can't shake off?

Learn to FREE your Mind and Life from Fears, Anxieties, Toxic Habits, Attitudes, and Behaviors Today!

  • This crisis brings with It; NEW unbearable fears which affect our mind and body.  We lose self-esteem and confidence, and stress out!  Hypnosis, Meditation, and Mindfulness will deeply empower you With inner strength, calm, and peace of mind!
  • People are becoming fearful of the future and loneliness has caused them to limit their desire to step back out into society.
Let me share the 3 essential evidence-based brain technologies than will set you on a path to create new habits. attitudes. and behaviors’ that will support you in this age of change. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question to ask yourself:

Are you ready to create positive changes in your life? Then I’d like to help you do it with hypnotherapy/self-hypnosis and transformation life coaching.

Psychologically, how does hypnosis work?

Right now, possibly, because of tension, conflict, and fears, your body is working under emergency conditions utilizing only a fraction of your strength, and perhaps even operating against the conscious wishes of your mind. Right now, because of mental stagnation, boredom, loneliness, unhappiness, or lack of self-confidence, your mind is working under extreme pressure conditions and utilizing only a fraction of its powers. In Hypnosis, you begin to see things in a new way. One by one, you can remove the causes keeping you from living a fully integrated life, with all the powers of mind-body working in harmony and to their fullest capacities.

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