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John Hittler

CEO Advisor
San Jose, California

Are You Ready to Discover Your Genius Talent--The Talent Embedded In Your DNA?

Are you ready to discover and implement the singular gift of genius level talent that you hold?

Whether from a genetic lottery or a gift from God, your Genius Talent is embedded in your DNA. If I placed a suitcase with $1M in front of you--yours if you can simply state your talent (completely unique), the step-by-step process to deliver it into the world, and your why, could you claim the cash?

Sadly, most people cannot.

If you're game to discover your Genius Talent, and then use it to make more money, have work feel like play, engage more passionately, and living your why, let's connect.

Not an assessment the Genius Talent Discovery is a 2.5 hour robust conversation, where all of this gets gently teased out.

Are ready to live a life of Genius Talent?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does everyone have a Genius Talent?

The short answer: yes! Our theory is that your Genius Talent is embedded in your DNA. We do not attempt to prove that, but use that as the starting point. If that theory holds true, then it's simply a question of "what the heck is mine" versus, what I do not have one.

What's the process like? An assessment?

I love the online assessment tests! I have taken most of them, and they are eerily accurate. That said, our framework is a facilitated conversation, very robust, where you tell us exactly what your Genius Talent consists of, exactly how you do it in a step-by-step process, and then you why. It's fun, takes about 2.5 hours, and you will have your complete Genius Talent statement at the end. After over 8,000 candidates, we know that no two have repeated....because no one was created the same.

I get the time investment. How about the financial investment?

Two investments you could make: DIY, online, using our web portal or laboratory, and teaming with two other learning partners, and that is free. That methodology is structured for 4 - two hour video calls with your partners, as quickly as you would like to complete them. The 1:1 facilitated eliminates your partners, and inserts a trained coach. One call, 2.5 hours, and an investment of $595.

What if my whole company wanted to engage in the process together?

We call this a Genius Talent Day. The entire organization (or large team) completes the process together, with our coaches assisting teams of three. Every person discovers their Genius Talent in a great day of fun, collaboration, and learning, and we end with a Victorious Secret Fashion show, where each member of the team reveals their newly articulated Genius Talent statement.

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