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Steve Bremner,

Author, Writing Coach & Business Development SalesPartner
Chorrillos, Peru

How To Create A $25K Offer That Sells Consistently - (30 Min MP3 Audio Training)

Do you have a $25k offer, and you would like it to sell more consistently?
Or perhaps you sell consistently but need to expand your team so you can scale it up?

Or would you love to level up your High Ticket Offer and put together a premium package for your best clients?
This free, 30-minute audio training by SalesMAP Partner Janet Clark uncovers the key elements to selling $25K and higher packages. When Alex Mandossian offered a $100K program to build your business, he thought he was the only one who could sell it... 

...until Janet went out the next week and sold several.
This process works in uncertain times, too. During the first four weeks of "official" shutdown, Janet closed over $250K in new business. 

This audio training delves into what's working and what gets the best results when you are ready to scale into premium services 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get this MP3 Training?

Reach out to me. Ask and ye shall receive...

This mp3 is FIRE, Steve! Mind if I share it with people I know?

Well, I can't stop you, but it would most definitely suck if you did, and it may cause your computer or smartphone to spontaneously explode. The same with the person you give it to. So, to play it safe, it's best if you just refer anyone you want to share it with straight to me and I can give the pure "non-exploding" version to them.

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