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Julie Reisler

Master Coach, TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author, Podcast Host
Washington, DC

You-est You Coaching Session

Book a thirty minute You-est You Coaching session with me to dive into your goals, dreams and desires and see if you'd be a good fit for my You-est You VIP Intensive. 

Julie Reisler, Master Coach, Bestselling Author, TEDx Speaker and Podcast Host works with big-hearted, high-achievers and entrepreneurs. She is all about helping you to tune into your intuition to actualize your greatest potential. Julie is the author of the Get a PhD in YOU book series, is a multi-time TEDx speaker, host of The You-est You® podcast and mindfulness teacher on the popular app, Insight Timer, with over 115,000 downloads. Julie is also the founder of the School of Sacredology, an online community to help you unlock your heart intelligence and inner wisdom.  Julie has a master's degree in health and wellness coaching, more than twelve certifications in mindset, mindfulness and wellbeing and is on the faculty at Georgetown University in their coaching program.  To learn more about Julie, go to

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is learning how to tap into my intuition important and worth spending my time, resources and energy?

Learning how to unlock and trust your intuition and what's known as your 'heart intelligence' is one of the most powerful ways to boost your confidence, creativity, profits, clarity and ability to stay in the flow state. It will also change your mindset. Science shows that we have over 40,000 sensory 'intelligent' neurites in our heart. Unlike your brain, which is a polar organ and is meant to sift through different options (think analysis paralysis), your heart is not a polar organ and is full of intelligence and wisdom that is always communicating for your best. I can help you to learn how to tune in, track and trust your heart intelligence, which will give you a huge advantage in any life situation where you are faced with doubt, uncertainty, stress and frustration. Learning to hear your wisdom from within and take inspired action will change your life, as it has my own life and the hundreds of clients I have worked with. I have coached leaders, leading experts and high achievers over the past years helping them to actualize their goals and desires, and become the most grounded and happy person they know.

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