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Manny Negron

Business Growth Strategist
North Jersey, USA

Book of Experts - Create Your Own Listing (Expert-Based Businesses Only)

Book of Experts was created to answer one key question...

"Who do you know or need to know who can help you do_____________?"

Experts make and receive referral every day. We work hard to earn the referrals and recognition that comes with our area of expertise. But those valuable mentions often get lost in the noise of social media.

Book of Experts is an "experts on demand" referral network for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and expert-based business owners who believe in doing good by connecting with other smart people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a hidden cost involved with being a member of Book of Experts?

No. There is no cost and no hidden fees. Book of Experts was created as a free resource to help facilitate the referrals and recognition that true experts deserve. We turn away more applicants than we accept. You must have a track record of successfully serving clients AND be member of our LinkedIn Group in order to be considered for a listing in the Book of Experts.

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North Jersey, USA