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Chicago, USA

BOOK of EXPERTS [Referral System]

Let me help set you up on Book of Experts with a demo on how to display your full value ladder for prospective clients.
  • Takes 15-20 minutes.
  • We'll look at your offers and Referral Circle

Book of Experts answers one key question ...

 Who do you know / or need to know to help you do 'X?'▕  Enter ... Strategic partnerships! And, you get to showcase your specific offers; even include FAQ if you wish. FOR coaches, consultants, & expert-based business owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many offers can I list?

Up to 5 offers.

Areas of expertise

LinkedIn Marketing Referral Marketing Sales & Sales Strategy

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Budget range

No Cost

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Chicago, USA

Steven Q Logreira

CRM and Business Automation Specialist

So how do you book this 15-20 minute session with you?


CRM and Business Automation Specialist


Rapidly moving ahead, we leveraged our technology to enable other publishers to distribute their content digitally, with our mobile app as a service platform, TruNext for iOS, Androind and Windows. We then started a life, leadership and cultural destination website, with carefully curated and original content. An overnight hit, it attracted 6 million hits in less than 1.5 months. All done faster than any other major internet company, with zero marketing spends. Plash Digital Labs is now home to newly re-branded entities like our creative content site called Limitless, our mobile technology division called Trunext and our news aggregation app called Daily Cup.

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