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Michael Doemner

Los Angeles, Ca

The SalesMAP Sale-To-Scale Program

Executive Summary

SalesMAP matches certified Business Development Sales Partners with coaches and consultants who have become the bottleneck in their business.

Our mission is to shift person-driven, inconsistent six-figure businesses into process-driven, predictable seven-figure companies, through the construction of a duplicable sales process that can be facilitated by a Sales Partner.

Who We Serve:

Six-figure experts, coaches and consultants who are consistently selling high-ticket services in the B2B space who recognize that they are the bottleneck in their growth and know that they're leaving money on the table because they are the only rainmaker in their business.

They no longer have the bandwidth to handle their own outreach, but don't trust anyone else with their sales process who exhibit the same level of love and excellence. Not to mention, they don't know how to find, train, manage, and retain a top-producer.

What We're Found:

Most entrepreneurs get stuck at six-figures because they don't have a dedicated salesperson who can focus exclusively on business development.

They wrongly assume that they can't afford a dedicated business development rep. They may have already hired someone to help them with operations, but continue to hold onto their sales process with a death grip, knowing it's the lifeblood of their business. 

Our Solution:

We have created proprietary systems for:
  1. initiating individualized conversations via social media with high-end prospects
  2. selling high-ticket services from a “value-first” approach and
  3. managing brand-aligned sales reps for optimum results and retention

Areas of expertise

Business Coaching Consulting & Growth Strategy Sales & Sales Strategy

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