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Matt Wright

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Freedom Systems Low-Risk Launch Strategy

1. We figure out your "Core Brand Promise"

You serve ONE avatar with DFY, DWY, and DIY offers. Getting clear on this sets the stage for every future offer you make in your business and how you communicate what you do.

2. Leverage your audience

After building out your funnel, we first test it on your "internal" audience, meaning we don't spend any money on ads and we see how well the funnel works.

3. Scale with Paid Ads

After validating your funnel and offer on your audience, then we build very specialized, high-converting audiences on Facebook Ads, and then run a ton of people through your system!

4. Freedom Systems

After validating the funnel with paid advertising, we shift everything over to an evergreen funnel, implement long term advertising strategies to keep the fire burning.

Your responsibilities:
  • Show up on calls (approx. weekly)
  • Fill in emails and funnel pages from my templates
  • I manage ads and technical connections

  • Have a list of at least 1,000ish or more (Doesn't matter if you haven't emailed them a ton)
  • Minimum $3,000 budget for paid ads over 1 mo. period during launch
  • *This service is exclusively for selling info products and group programs, not for booking calls*

Case Study:

*Size of your launch is majorly dependent upon your audience size*


Areas of expertise

Email Marketing Advertising & Paid Traffic Sales & Sales Strategy

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