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George Scott

Lansing, MI

Are you tough enough to be an entrepreneur?

Being a first-time entrepreneur is not easy! The associated risks can be frightening … and life changing (for better or for worse). 

To a great degree, there is only person to whom you must be accountable every single day. That person is the one looking at you from the mirror every morning. 

Whether you are considering buying an established business or starting one from scratch, the self-assessments in the three areas (found in the three articles) should be done in order to minimize a potential business disaster. 
SPECIAL NOTES: 1) Even though the articles were first published years ago, the considerations are just as pertinent now as they were then. 2) The firm name shown after each article is a long-ago partnership based in Rochester, NY. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?

Mental, physical, financial, and emotional preparedness are key factors to increasing the chances of being a successful entrepreneur.

What should I do if I am weak in one of the four areas of preparedness?

Perform a Strengths & Weaknesses self analysis. Ask three other individuals whose judgement you value to do the same. Based on the net assessments, associate yourself with those who have strengths where you have a weakness. That association may be bringing on a partner, hiring a key employee, or bringing in help from outside the business.

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