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Desiree Stafford

High Ticket Mentor and Performance Coach
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Level Up Intensive

Are you an ambitious coach who's tired of crawling your way to multiple 6/7 figures?
Do you feel like you're dying inside because you're not fulfilling your potential?
Have you HAD IT with undercharging, over delivering, and second guessing yourself?
Ads, webinars, launches, lead gen courses, posting 24/7 - you name it, you've tried it.
Yet no matter how HARD you work you can’t breakthrough to your NEXT LEVEL of income and impact. 
I've got you.
In the NEXT 90 days I'll show you how to...
✔️OWN your value and create IRRESISTIBLE offers
✔️Go from "just another" to THE coach in your niche
✔️Add $30K - $50K+ per month without sacrificing FREEDOM

✔️Make messaging and energetic shifts that MAGNETIZE A players 
✔️Close the gaping hole in your confidence and tap into higher levels of your genius
✔️Triple your closing ratio and get ASKED for $10K and $30K full pay sales
With me by your side, you’ll receive the clarity, guidance, and push to transcend mediocrity.

🏆 A business coach went from $2,500/month to $58K in 6 weeks and now makes multiple 6 figures working less.
🏆 A relationship coach went from $5K/month to $190K month in 4 months and now gets to travel and fund her savings and retirement.
🏆 A real estate coach went from $20K/month to a $96K month. She's now less stressed, which makes her a "happier wife".
Let's talk 👉 

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Business Coaching Consulting & Growth Strategy Mindset Coaching

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL