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Yoan Marinov

βœͺ CEO/Founder | Experts Hire Me To Develop Custom Web Software Solutions That Save Time & Increase Revenu
Sofia, Bulgaria

Custom Web Software Solutions

 I help businesses and entrepreneurs, get new leads on autopilot, save time, and ultimately increase their income by developing custom digital software solutions.

We work with clients who can't find the software that matches their needs or "off-the-shelf" solution isn't producing the desired results.

Things we do includes:
- ROI-oriented web software / mobile solutions
- Custom E-commerce, CRM, CMS and Analytics solutions
- Custom payment integrations / development
- Web design, UX & SEO Optimization
- MVP software solutions which allow you to "test-the-waters."

π™ƒπ™Šπ™’ 𝙒𝙀 π˜Ώπ™Š 𝙄𝙏:

❢ Discuss with you what are your goals & desires and what's stopping you, hear your ideas and visions of how you think that problem can be solved

❷ We do a strategic research & brainstorming session where we list ideas of digital software that can help
you achieve your goals / solve your problem, which we share & discuss with you.

❸ Create a strategy & plan for the development of the digital solution which we share with you

❹ Our team of developers & magicians develops the digital solution quickly, and you see the results you desire

𝙏𝙃𝙀 π™π™€π™Žπ™π™‡π™:

As we develop & apply custom software solutions to your business, you immediately begin to feel you have total control over your time and revenue, and your business now is positioned for fast and infinite growth and scale.

π™’π™ƒπ˜Όπ™ π™Šπ™π™ƒπ™€π™π™Ž π™Žπ˜Όπ™”:

"Working with Yoan and his team, we were able to plan, build, and launch Book of Experts in 3 weeks. Three weeks!

And the best part was, Yoan helped us talk through not only the functionality we wanted to be built but came up with several great additions that we hadn't even considered.

Book of Experts has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for us - and completely differentiates is from all the other players in our space."
- Tobin Slaven, Head Guardian with | Partner with

▢️ If you want to schedule a discovery call, send me a message. 

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Websites & Web App Development Graphic Design & Branding UI-UX-CX Design

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Sofia, Bulgaria