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Laura Elliottđź‘»

Bestselling Ghostwriter of books, screenplays and speeches for global thought leaders
Santa Cruz, CA

Consult with a Ghost -- 1 hr. call to help you write your book, screenplay or speech

I work with lots of people who have had their story on their mind for a very long time. Like most of my clients, you are probably having trouble sorting out your thoughts and maybe getting all your paperwork organized. Maybe you have even tried to write your story before but you can’t find a way into the story or you haven’t been able to write to the end. Maybe you don’t like paperwork and are interested in “talking your book.” There are many ways for us to get your story down on paper. Don’t be overwhelmed any longer. I’m here to save you time and organize your research so we can write your book together.

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Branding & PR Content Marketing Copywriting

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Santa Cruz, CA