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Sue DeCaro

Worldwide Life, Parent and Entrepreneurial Coach

Transcending Our Triggers, Finding Our Rhythm – The Mindful Solution to Triggers For Parents

This Online Course transcends you from where you are now to a more liberated and less reactive version of yourself. It allows you to identify and experience your triggers more clearly and connect with them before they get the best of you.

This journey offers you the opportunity to learn how to identify your own triggers and their origin, see your own blind spots and gain tools to manage trigger moments more effectively. This course provides thoughtful exercises and a toolkit to help you create a more fulfilling parent-child relationship as well as live a more conscious life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is coaching important and how will it help me?

There are so many ways that we are conditioned in our past, from childhood and societal pressures. Uncovering what is yours to believe and value and what is the "platter that you have been fed" helps you to move forward in a more authentic way in life, business and raising children. This is how we live in our own truth. I encourage those that have any interest to reach out to schedule a free consultation.

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Business Coaching Life Coaching Mental Health Practitioners

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