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🍁Tina BQ Tran Emotional Health Coach🍁

Energy Psychology Practitioner
Ontario, Canada

Free Mini Session

If you are a professional feeling overwhelmed because you're overworked, I invite you to take advantage of this mini-session which is my discovery call. You will leave the meeting feeling positive, focused and lighter as if a 5-ton weight has been lifted off your shoulders/back 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Energy Psychology?

Energy Psychology is a psychotherapeutic as well as a self-help healing approach that combines imaginal exposure and other cognitive methods with the stimulation of acupressure points in on the energy meridians. The process can often result in the rapid desensitization of psychological distress accompanied by beneficial cognitive shifts. The techniques are quick to learn and apply, they can be integrated within a range of psychological therapies, and can be taught to clients for self-help applications.

why do I love what I do?

I love what I do because I was once an overworked and overwhelmed professional myself. I used Energy Psychology to heal myself not just from stress, anxiety and overwhelm, but also from fears, PTSD as well as shift my mindset. Furthermore, I’ve seen the impressive results my clients have gotten after working with me. In addition, growing evidence has found EP techniques to be effective in treating a spectrum of psychological disorders, including a wide range of anxiety-based conditions such as phobias, general anxiety, traumatic stress, PTSD, depression, food cravings, weight loss, and a range of long-term psychological symptoms.

What other language can I help my clients in?

In addition to English, I'm also fluent in Vietnamese and French.

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Life Coaching Mindset Coaching Intuitive Coaching

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Ontario, Canada