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Tracey Burnett

Support ambitious coaches & consultants, deadly serious about consistently getting new clients via LinkedIn & turning their annual income into their monthly income

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LinkedIn Client Accelerator Roadmap VIP

Program Objective

This 12 month program helps you to maximise the extensive opportunities LinkedIn provides to create a constant stream of new clients.

Program Content

The programme includes modules on getting clear on your message and market, creating a killer LinkedIn profile, finding low hanging fruit for quick wins, how to find your clients and start a relationship with them, leading your ideal prospects to a sales conversation with you, how to write posts and articles that get lots of engagement, what you can do everyday to achieve your goals, how to handle your sales calls and objection handling. Plus some surprise bonuses!

A Summary of the Deliverables

  • One 'Create Your Unshakeable Business Foundation' Workshop
  • 12 live group Zoom sessions - one a week
  • 60 minute private session to be taken when you like
  • 9 online modules with step by step videos and handouts, checklists etc. which can be completed at your own pace
  • 9 Mastermind Sessions - one a month for 9 months once the group sessions finish

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