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Father Daughter Business Starter

Are you a busy dad with a daughter between the ages of 7-17?

Did you know that by the time your little girl reaches age 12, you will have spent 91% of your time together?

By the time she hits 15 she will have her own friends and activities. When she's off to college and beyond, you will only see her on holidays.

It's not too late to forge an unbreakable bond with your daughter by being the cool Dad who opens up a whole new world of abundance for her:

  • Learn how to pick the perfect idea that will be fun, profitable, worth your time, AND how to know that people will pay for it before it even costs you a penny.
  • Discover where (and how) to find the perfect customers for your new business. You will know them as perfect, because they will raise their hand when they are ready to buy, and they will even tell you what they want to buy (and for how much)
  • Tap into the business secret that no one seems to be talking about, that means you can guide her business even with your busy schedule (and she won't have to quit school) and yet your side hustle will grow faster.
  • Build a life skill that will impact how she will see school, her friends, and her future in a whole new light.
  • Together you will start her first "real" business and in less than 60 days make your first sales.
  • Teach her that when she wants something in this world, there is always a way to make that happen if she is focused enough
  • Nurture every young woman's most important relationship
  • Give the forever gift of abundance-thinking for a scarcity-minded world...

Join me and a small group of other busy parents (not just dads) with their daughters (or sons) as we walk through the steps of starting your business together.

Not a hobby or lemonade stand, but a real business* that will pave the way into her future (and maybe even pay for college).

Use this link for more info:

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