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Teresa Quinlan

Executive Coach, Leadership Development Specialist through Emotional Intelligence

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Executive EQ 360 Development

The EQi-2.0 assessment is the most widely used, and valid, assessment for emotional intelligence. It is owned by MHS – Multi-Health Systems – who ensure EQi Coaches complete a rigorous certification process. This certification process results in a practitioner’s certificate of proficiency in administering and debriefing the EQ profile results. The EQ 360 is a multi-rater assessment (and report) which allows us to view your profile through a leadership lens as well as how others see you as a leader. This profile identifies blind spots, allied strengths, and development opportunities from your rater groups (chosen by you under the following categories: Manager/Mentor, Peers, Direct Reports, Friends/Family, Other). It easily highlights where raters agree with your self-assessment and where they do not; It is within blind spots that we experience the greatest levels of EQ growth. Plus, open ended and customized open feedback questions, provides qualitative feedback as to why.

After administration of your EQ 360 assessment (for yourself and your selected raters), coaching begins with your 360 profile debrief session. In this 2-hour session, we establish goals across as many aspects of your life as needed to achieve optimal happiness and well-being. We begin with your well-being, or happiness, as happiness is proven as a key predictor of success. By establishing a greater overall sense of well-being, we clear the cobwebs of ‘reactivity’ to leverage your IQ during your EQ growth. 

1:1 Coaching proceeds with weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly 1-hour sessions as we dive into the 5 realms and 15 skills of emotional intelligence. Your EQ skill development focuses on the areas of greatest importance to your performance and outcome desired results, as well as the largest gaps in your EQ skill set. 

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