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Sylvia LeRahl
Founder, Membership Fix

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Earn $10k+/Month With a Mission-Driven Mental Health Or Coaching Biz!

Executive Summary: 

Membership Fix helps mental health professionals and coaches develop a Category of One program that positions them as the go-to expert in their field and allows them to earn at least $10k per month. 

Our mission is to make mental health care and coaching accessible to everyone. To that end, we help mental health professionals and coaches enroll more people in less time by leveraging their intellectual property while affording them greater financial freedom and flexibility. 

Who We Serve: 

Mental health professionals and coaches who are offering premium-quality services and are passionate about making an impact on others, who recognize that they are not earning the income or serving the number of people that they want and know that they're leaving money on the table because they have not found an effective way to scale their business yet. 

They no longer want to trade time for money but aren’t sure if there’s another way to deliver the same level of love and excellence that they are accustomed to delivering. Not to mention, they don't know how to attract, engage, and retain clients in a new business model. 

What We've Found: 

Most mental health professionals and coaches get stuck in a loop working 45+ hours every week while struggling to break through a certain income level. 

They wrongly assume that they can't transform lives without dedicating this amount of time to their business or that they’ll have to wrestle with code and battle tech gremlins to shift their business online. They may have great ideas for how to expand their business, but don’t know where to start and don’t have an actionable plan... 

Our Solution: 

We have created a proprietary system for: 
  1. Building a robust membership program with high-end prospects
  2. Generating high-converting content in minimal time and
  3. Managing the daily tasks necessary to attract, engage, and retain their clients

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