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Steve Bremner,

Author, Writing Coach & Business Development SalesPartner

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Want to Write & Launch Your Book in 100 Days?

Are you a marketplace minister or Christian entrepreneur looking to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, and gain more speaking engagements?

Your own book will open those doors, impact people's lives you may never meet, and go places you can't go on your own.

My team & I are here to ensure you accomplish your dream of publishing your book so that you can get more leads, speak on more stages, and change lives and earn a passive income while doing it.

We help you rescue your message from remaining just an idea on your bucket list, and launch it out into the world to make an impact. 


👉🏻 I’ve been writing since I was a tween. 

👉🏻 I’ve been blogging for over 15 years since before it was even a thing.

👉🏻 I’ve been self-publishing books on Amazon for over 8 years now, both for myself and recently as a ghostwriter. 

SimpIy put, I LOVE books, whether reading them or writing them. OK, and listening to them too, I admit.

Do you keep putting off writing your own book despite it being a passion of yours to one day publish one or five?

Or perhaps you want to turn your master's thesis into a best-seller?

If you don’t know what steps to take, that’s where we come in. 

It's my job to make you and your book look great and position you as an expert in your niche. 

My team & I work best with faith-based speakers, authors, coaches, and other life-changing entrepreneurs with a transformational message.

👉🏻 IF YOU:

- Are looking for an additional revenue stream with a book, but aren't sure where to start or what to do,

- Are an author, speaker or consultant that has a great message but needs/wants a project manager to oversee "all the things" while you focus on what you're crushing it at,

- Have written a manuscript or thesis that is just collecting dust but you know will change lives,

- Want to spread your message to places you can’t go yourself, but a book can,

-Have written a book/books already, and know you don't have time to write another yourself and want to discuss ghostwriting.


Get in touch and let's see if we'd make a good team!

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