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Sharon Landis
Business Consultant

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Entry Level Offer

Sales Call Structure that Closes teaches you how to close 30% - 50% of your calls.

The program is designed for B2B SAAS companies who have a demo or want to create one.

It’s set up exactly the way the pros work, by testing & refining assumptions about who buys from you. 

Sales is learned by doing, so there’s a minimum of theory, and a maximum of help.

The program has flexible entry points. You come into the program where you’ll get the most benefit.

After we work together for a while, you might like:

Research As A Service (RAAS): I take the most time consuming part of lead gen off your hands. 

On Demand Coaching (ODC): one or two sessions after you’ve done the signature course.


Tech thinking is different than sales thinking. Client thinking is different from tech thinking too.

I get all the different kinds of thinking. 

My super power zaps into action when I’m explaining what clients want to developers and what developers can reasonably deliver to clients.

My backstory: software developer, IT business analyst, sales for startups, previous businesses: matchmaker, executive resume writer, and LinkedIn lead generation. 


Discovery (free)

Here’s what we discuss in the Free Discovery call:

·        How clients use your system does and review your demo if you’ve got one
·        Your sales process and pricing tiers
·        Customer support
·        An overview of Sales Call Structures That Close

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