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Rohith Amruthur

I help YOU travel in more luxury without paying luxury prices.

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1% Travel Club

If you’re like most people, your past travel experiences probably included:

❌ Eating and drinking at overpriced restaurants at the airport before being herded onto the aircraft like cattle.

❌ Sitting in a cramped middle seat in economy class, dreading the challenging journey ahead.

❌ Finding out your 3-star hotel's idea of a continental breakfast is just yogurt, coffee, and muffins.

Yet, you scroll through social media seeing people take luxurious trips traveling in first or business class and staying at hotels and resorts that seem fit for only royalty. Traveling is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but your experiences often end up being more stressful than relaxing.

When you go to look for yourself what such a trip costs, your jaw drops in disbelief as you take a look at the multiple 5-figure price tag as you add up the different costs. Just a first-class ticket and accommodation already puts you over $10,000. You wonder how these people on social media are able to afford this. Are they all secretly super rich? No, that can’t be.

You want to be able to go on adventures and travel in luxury just like them. You dream of:

✅ Sipping champagne and enjoying a three-course meal onboard your flight.

✅ A fully reclining flight seat and arriving at your destination refreshed.

✅ Enjoying top-tier accommodation.

You want to be able to post about and share these amazing and exotic experiences that you have, without worrying about the damage to your wallet. Does your 9-5 salary doom you to this fate for life?

The good news: NOT AT ALL!

You CAN travel in luxury without paying luxury prices.

With 20+ years of knowledge and expertise in the travel industry, I was able to build a strategy that allowed me to do just that. I figured out how to spend 2 months in Europe on just $2k as a broke college student, without having to settle for low-cost carriers and backpacker hostels. I've scaled my strategy to help others create extraordinary travel experiences they've only dreamed of without breaking the bank.

I created the 1% Travel Club and its 5 Pillars of Travel to help others like YOU create a similar strategy. With these Pillars, you’ll be able to travel in more luxury using exclusive perks, benefits, and strategies that only the top 1% of travelers use, all without forking over luxury prices. With this proven strategy, you will be able to fly first class, hang out in exclusive lounges, stay in 5-star accommodation, and much more, all without breaking the bank.

Interested in making your next trip unforgettable?

➡️ Shoot me a message and let's connect! ⬅️

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