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Pearl Cox

Digital Communications Consultant, Coach, Speaker, Trainer , Mentor, Radio Presenter and Podcast Host

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Pearls of Wisdom Monthly Membership Club

Monthly subscription club sharing a single topic every month  Each month I share my expert knowledge on a single topic so that as a member your knowledge and understanding grows.  Once a member, previous months are always available for you.  At the beginning of each month a new topic is introduced and that topic information is then drip fed throughout the month. Through video content, audio, workbooks documents and a single once  month Q and A call which i recorded for future reference.   All this for the discount price of £28 a month.  

Interested in finding out more and subscribing follow the link  

Here's what some of the members of the group have to say:

"Pearl this is amazing information and I am learning so much from you here that I can apply to help me actualise my goals. You always make things so simple. Keep on doing what your doing. 🧡🧡"

"The value I'm getting from this group is unreal! Pearl has a knack for being able to break things down so that they're really easy to understand. She also has so much knowledge which shes sharing with us here too. It's an amazing place to grow"
"I have listened avidly to your 2 podcasts on 7 Step Social Media Strategy with my resulting reams of useful notes.  
Although familiar with the concept from my corporate days. To hear you explain it again social media has been enlightening.  
I knew SEO was important but felt it was a bit of a black hole for me. Listening to your podcast has helped me realise the significance and the importance of it.  
You have provided us with some really useful information to take forward and apply to our businesses. 
I had "got it" before but now, listening to your teachings, I feel I really "get it"!!
Thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge and I'm definitely intrigued about the F reading 😁. Can't wait for the next instalment ❤❤❤"

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