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Modern Badass Leaders: find your crew to champion and challenge you

Reignite your passion for your work, disrupt norms and leave a legacy. This group coaching program empowers you to:

  • Elevate your leadership game: Be engaged, authentic, fearless and confident
  • Declare and step into your Zone of Genius
  • Find your Modern Badass colleagues and support each other
  • Remove the blocks stopping you from getting what you want

Executives, Partners, or Business Founders, this program is designed exclusively for you:

  • Natural Achievers. Success is your feature, not your bug. You might be bored more than you’d care to admit.
  • Creatives. You love standing in front of a whiteboard and asking, “What’s the opportunity here?” You’re hungry to find a new challenge.
  • Independents. You know how to leap tall buildings in a single bound. But underneath it all, you’re human. You may feel alone and wish you could ask for (and accept) help.
  • Those perfect at everything, yet deeply unhappy. Your standards are so exacting that you create stress for yourself and others. You’ve some failures which live as a negative highlight reel in your head.
  • Those interested in everything, but derailed by shiny objects. That means you don’t always stay true to your Zone of Genius and don’t always see things through to completion.
  • The powerful. Leadership comes to you naturally but sometimes you deliver it with an edge that can turn people off. You’re hungry for someone to tell you the truth.

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