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Business Strategy Discussion for the Funding Process w/the Decision Maker

This is with the decision maker of the company which is for me,the owner or founder of the company.“A business strategy can be defined as the combination of all the decisions taken & actions performed by the business to accomplish business goals & to secure a competitive position in the market.It is the backbone of the business as it is the roadmap which leads to the desired goals. Any fault in this roadmap can result in the business getting lost in the crowd of overwhelming competitors,financial failure,or lack of growth.”Discussion pertaining to your current strategy:1.Vision- current, & future vision/goals.Framework- Objectives “Successful strategic thinkers have the ability to define their objectives&develop an action plan w/goals broken down”.The following applies to the founder/owner/decision-maker in this discussion should be:“Self-aware enough, that they are conscious of their own biases. 2.& factor their own circumstances, perspectives,&points of view within this framework”.This is to make sure the decision-makers own background across multitudes of tasks, decisions, & leadership is not an impediment to the overall company goals.This means when you get off the call,one will understand that strategy, company backbone,&need for funding must all be in alignment.3. Practicality- What has been put into practice? What is working and what is not working? etc.This is the beginning of a long-term business relationship,collaboration, &/or partnerships for moving forward.It is based on one’s perspective of their business & funding.The resistance,complacency,“golden handshake” funding mentality;can be a hindrance to the process.This discussion needs to happen,whether you are a small company to a billion dollar company,or an investor.I keep everything simple. 


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