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Michael Karsh

Excellent Guest for Online/Video Education and Training Podcasts

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Co-founder and Executive Producer

When we created Edios Media in 2017, we knew that we possessed a unique set of skills and experience, both from our days producing television in Hollywood, to producing live online workshops with the worlds top instructors, authors, and thought leaders. We truly believed that Edios would fill an urgent need, the ability for organizations to create custom, high quality, engaging, and scaleable video training. Within our first year we were hired to produce the award-winning Google IT Support Professional Certificate available on Coursera. Now, heading into our fifth year, the agency has produced all types of different types of training formats such as MOOCs, microlearning, onboarding, compliance training, and more. Our client list includes Google, Lyft, Facebook, AWS, Salesforce, and others. Every project is tailored to the needs of our clients and follows the belief that rooted in all content is the power of storytelling.

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