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Melissa Blair
Sales & Marketing #Nerd

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Melissa Blair

Sales & Marketing #Nerd

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Cultivating Sales PRO Software & Consulting

If I offered to build out your entire high ticket sales process with the strategy, funnels, copywriting, order pages, and then automate that entire process without you having to deal with the complicated software, would you take me up on that offer?

We work with high ticket coaches & consultants who are also speakers, trainers, authors, and/or podcasters. They're busy people who want to automate their sales and marketing so they have more time to do the work they love.

We use the Cultivating Sales PRO software platform which allows our clients to cancel all their other software and use only 1 platform. Imagine if you had all the following tools in just 1 program!

·      CRM

·      ClickFunnels

·      Kajabi

·      Pipedrive

·      ActiveCampaign

·      Calendly

·      Podium

·      2 Way Texting

·      JotForms

·      SurveyMonkey

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