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The Short Method - High level health and fitness coaching

I put entrepreneurs back in the drivers seat of their health and allow them to go "full throttle" again in every area of their life.

So many entrepreneurs will pay tens of thousands of dollars for business coaching to improve their business, but almost never have a line-item for their health... But they fail to realize that their income and growth capacity are directly dependent on their ability to perform at the highest levels - they literally can't afford to NOT perform at their best because of brain fog, lethargy, poor sleep, anxiety or "down days"!

In The Short Method we start with a full blood panel diagnostic, hormones, food allergies and genetics which allow us to create your Wellness Dashboard, where we can monitor the "Key Performance Indicators" of your health, including:

Levels of energy production and inflammation

Vitamin & mineral deficiency

Hormone balance

Gut health

Aging biomarkers

We then create a personalized nutrition, fitness, supplement and lifestyle plan and in just 10 weeks, I guarantee lab-validated shifts in your Health KPIs.

This removes the guess work of what really produces results, the kind of longterm, lasting results that make a difference both in life and business.

My client Ann came to me as she was up-leveling her business but she was hitting a wall with her energy and productivity and felt guilty she had nothing left at the end of the day for her family. Now armed with her personalized health data she understands exactly what to do to look, feel and perform her best. She has improved her energy, sleep, focus and even creativity and with these drastic results she's back to her high level of achievement and crushing it, both in business and in life. 

If you know any entrepreneurs who might be interested in improving their most valuable assets in energy, focus, memory, and overall performance, I offer a free "Symptom Screening" call to talk about what's going on, what their goals are and outline a high performance game plan for them!

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