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Lee Ann Mancini
Raising Christian Kids

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Author & Executive Producer Sea Kids Series, Raising Christian Kids

Lee Ann is the host of the award-winning Raising Christian Kids podcast, which can be found on all major platforms including,, and Raising Christian Kids is a five to ten-minute podcast that equips and empowers mothers, grandparents, teachers, and all who are raising the next generation, to have a strong foundation in Jesus. Lee Ann also has an informative webinar presentation that highlights her research and biblical knowledge in this area. “It is first about the salvation of the children and then about the preservation of our Christian Nation.” There is truth to the adage “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world!”


Lee Ann is an award-winning Christian children’s author and Executive Producer of the new animation series Sea Kids, which can be seen on Trinity Broadcasting Network, Pure Flix, Right Now Media, and


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