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Leah Zimmerman

Intergenerational Family Communication Expert

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Stop Struggling! Find Peace with Yourself and Watch Your Life Change

A former client told me that the students in her field noticed something unique about her. They wanted to know how she became the person they saw. She had a strong positive energy, cared about them. She inspired them.

The former client told me, "I know what they meant. It's inner peace."

When this client started with me over a year ago, she was in conflict with her mother, butting heads inside her mother's business. Her life and her relationships were tumultuous.

Every week there was new drama!

But she was open to reflecting, learning and facing her inner world.

Though she had committed to a year of coaching, after seven months, she was so transformed that we decided to let her "graduate" early.

She felt at peace and aligned within herself.

Now she knows how to listen to her inner intuition and how to trust herself. She believes in herself, and she has transformed her life.

When you resolve your inner conflicts, the dynamics in your outer world changes also.

So what is the process?

In weekly one to one meetings: I listen to how you are feeling, what you want and how you talk about your thinking and feelings.

I ask questions that reflect back to you a new way of seeing yourself.

With your permission and when appropriate, I give you exercises inside your comfort zone that increase your self awareness, Emotional Intelligence and what Susan David calls Emotional Agility.

You learn how to navigate the terrain of difficult emotions so that you can communicate with yourself and others in a way that gets your needs met and aligns with your values.

Each week, you leave with significant insights, and shifts in the way you see yourself in the world.

Over time, you let go of the judgmental and critical voices in your head, recognize the patterns that tend to get in your way, and develop the tools for finding personal power and freedom.

Who qualifies?

1) Do any of these struggles sound familiar to you:

You feel agitated, irritated, or frustrated more often than you want.

You feel bored, and mildly depressed more often than you want.

You are stuck in conversations that repeat and can't seem to get through to someone or some people in your life.

You are a parent who struggles with a child or children

You are caring for an aging parent

You struggle with yourself in your business

You have conflicts with your parents, relatives or friends

2) If so, then the next thing to ask yourself is:

What would it be worth to end the struggle, to feel free, confident, aligned and to have the quiet confidence that comes with knowing that you can handle difficult conversations?

If it would be worth some of your time and energy then go to step 3.

3) Contact me at for a complimentary in depth powerful conversation that will reveal to you the sources of your struggles. I will set aside 2 hours to focus on you and give you the full power of one to one coaching. For some people, this one session can be a conversation that they never forget.

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