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John A. DeMato

Photographer & Visual Story Expert For Speakers, Authors, Consultants, and Trainers

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Transform your mehhh selfies into magical self-portraits

Unhappy with how you look in self-portraits? Unsure how to work your smartphone camera so you push buttons and hope for the best? Hate every photo staring back at you on your camera roll and delete them all? 

To help you get past this frustration and overwhelm, I've created an online course:

Shoot It Yourself: Develop A Portrait Photographer’s Eye With Your Phone

In less than an hour, you’ll learn the fundamentals of how to take a well-composed photo at any place, at any time. 

  • Capture compelling self portraits that compliments your marketing strategy
  • Share fun self portraits with your family and friends that you’re proud to post
  • Leave the aggravation and frustration with taking self-portraits in the past forever!


Learn more about the Shoot It Yourself course here: 

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