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Jeffrey A. Hanson

I Help Individuals & Families Regain 'Normalcy' - Even When Hopeless

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Feeling Trapped? About to 'Go Crazy' on a Loved One due to their 'Disruptive Behavior'?

Let's face it. Whether you have a teen who's raising h*ll in the house, a spouse controlling your every move, or an adult sibling who drinks you and half of Russia under the table...there is no escape.

This kind of behavior isn't just disruptive, it can wreak havoc on the Family dynamic and begin to control how you live your own life. Without realizing it, we begin to fall into predictable roles within the chaos!

I've been on both sides of the table- The Problem Child and the Concerned Family Member.

Neither are fun. If the walls feel like they're closing in on you and/or someone you love, it's time to talk!

*Don't worry if your husband hates therapy or your teen has been to every psychologist or 'specialized program' (DBT, I got my eye on you)...this is a vastly different approach in which, if needed, I'll call your husband to get him on or text that stubborn teen of yours!

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