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Jaime O’Connor

I Help Content Creators Monetize Their Products Through Ads

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Facebook & Youtube Ads Management

Inspired Focus Digital is an online advertising firm that helps mission-driven content-creators increase the profit of their e-commerce stores. We help them leverage their F.A.N.-Power to get more sales for less ad-spend.


The key is moving from a funnel to a flywheel marketing strategy. Most agencies haven't learned how to capitalize on great content, they're just trying to make a buck, and as a result, they burn out their audiences rather than create raving fans.


If you know anyone who is creating world-changing content and wants to 10x their product sales, I'd love for you to invite them to connect with me!


🎉Black Friday 2020: 30x return & 400% total sale increase over 2019 for a YouTube outdoor influencer brand

🎉 2.5x FB attributed return on $100k ad spend in one month with 80% new customers. $450,000 revenue in one month & 4.3x total return on ad spend

🎉10x consistent return for 18 months for a Ranching product

🎉4x return for a B-Corp pajama brand

🎉150% store growth and 300% increase in new customer acquisition for a supplement brand

We LOVE working with:

🙌 Brands that GAF: mission driven, triple bottom line, B corps

🙌 Outdoor brands 

🙌 Badass women entrepreneurs 

A bit about me: Agency Owner • Hopeful World Changer 🌎• New Mama to Jack 🦸‍♀️• Adventure Addict living in Colorado 🏔 • 

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