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How To Create A $25k Offer That Sells Consistently - Audio Training

Do you already have a $25k Offer, and you would like it to sell more consistently?
 Or maybe you would love to level up your High Ticket Offer and put together a premium package for your best clients?
 This free, 30-minute audio training by SalesMAP Partner Janet Clark uncovers the key elements that to selling $25k and up packages. And Janet knows from direct experience. When Alex Mandossian offered a $100k program to build your business, he said he was the only one who could sell it. Janet went out the next week and sold several.
 And this process works in uncertain  times too. At the peak of the pandemic crisis, Janet closed over $250k in new business. The audio training delves into what's working and what gets the best results when you are ready to scale into premium services 

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