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Want to make more high-end sales?

If you have a low-priced front end offer such as a book funnel, course, subscription, niche physical widget thingy you’re sellin’ through ecom, or anything like that. that’s doing at least 50 or more sales a day… keep reading.

I got somethin’ I’ve been cookin’ up behind the scenes in a private mastermind that could really help the right dude or dudette, fried up in the kind of Texas butter that makes your business biscuit batter even better. (say that 5 times fast)

Check this: One of our members just turned his “low-ticket” front-end book offer into 1k to 10k EXTRA sales... Per day. Every single day.

Yep. If you’re reading this, I’ll bet you’re smart (and better at grammar than me lol) and you already done the math, because yes that means he added an extra 100k+ a month to this business, by taking daily buyer flow, and pluggin’ in 3 little ol’ emails, a Live Chat Enroller, and a lil flair to his 1500 backend offering…

Once he tapped into this flow… BOOM, the standard $$$ went to $$$$$$lmao.

1k, 5k, 10k+ in sales everyday

Without lifting a finger on his end.

Here’s why this is so powerful: adding this flow didn’t cost him anything ($0 out of pocket?! That’s crazy…) and the cash from his 1500 offer is nearly all Pure Paradise Profit that he can keep for himself, invest back into his business, or whatever the heck else he wants… (private pilot lessons?!)

And... this is without additional ad costs (sorry Zuck no more monies for you), or operational expenses, or any of that yucky stuff...

Now, I think this is a pretty cool outcome from our experiment... but it needs more testing, ‘cause I’m a mad scientist when it comes to lifting iron, the brainy brain, and all kinds of business stuff like Making More Sales (my total fave) IF you have a “low-ticket” front end offer such as a book funnel, course, subscription, niche ecom product, or somethin’ like that,. that’s doing at LEAST 50 or more sales a day…

...AND a 1k+ thing you want to sell more of

...AND have the capacity to fill (I ain’t tryin’ to break your business)…

Maybe let’s talk?

I got some excess capacity right meow and I wanna test this experiment out with a few people in different markets.

If you’ve got the offers and the daily sales flow… you don’t even have to worry about paying upfront.

I’m willing to cover all the expenses for this experiment

Meaning: I only get paid when you get paid (‘cause you and I are not “if-fers”, we’re "when-ners" making win-win-wins)

That's right. That means I cover the copywriter, the Live Chat Enroller, and all that jazz.

Sincerely, for the right person, this could be a really big payday from cash that’s just being left on the table.

Sound like you?

Shoot me a DM.

Frank The Bank

PS - On a totally separate note I just personally helped one other partner bring in an extra $312,673 in revenue in exactly 7 days last month, and just yesterday an amazing fitness professional let me know that thanks to our training together she has been converting at 100% for her four-figure fitness offer. Super fun all around.

PPS - You readin' this and thinkin' this would be perfect for someone you know? Tag 'em below! Pretty please with all the cherries on top. 🙂 

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