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Filipe Goncalves
Public Speaking Consultant

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FREE Case Study - The Most Effective Process to Eliminate the Fear of Public Speaking. (virtual rooms, corporate rooms and stages)

Filipe Goncalves is an entrepreneur from Lisbon, Portugal. He left his country at the age of 24 to travel the world, grow and learn from the very best in the industry. Despite the fact he was not born in an english speaking country, he has spoken on stage for thousands of people with massive success.

He first started in the Health and Fitness Industry where he would teach and motivate people to improve their lifestyle and healthy habits. He developed his passion for speaking to big audiences and he decided to try different other fields of expertise. He then went on speaking to groups in the Online Business Industry, Travel Industry and Luxury Shopping Industry.

Being coached by the best, coaching hundreds of people and listening to all different types of feedback, Filipe has designed an outstanding speaking process tailored for those who fear this skill. He was able to eliminate everything that is not important to perform a great speech/presentation, focusing only on mastering the key elements and to reduce to the most simple process than anyone can just learn and apply almost instantaneously. He then tried with different clients and they were able to not only eliminate the fear of public speaking but to become very powerful speakers. His simple process of teaching has been challenging the norms of speaking coaching rules.

Filipe travels the world consistently while he helps professionals become fearless of public speaking by going through a simple, tailored, proven and tested 3-step process. He has personally worked with hundreds of people all around the world helping them to become very successful.

Filipe has a case study that you can watch and understand a little more his teaching methods:

For any inquiries please contact Filipe or his team at 

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