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Doreen Steenland

Coach, Speaker, Mindset specialist, Transformational Neuroscience, Moms of teens/young adults, Living Full Life Coaching Founder

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Countdown to Launch: Secrets to preparing the next generation to step into adulthood

This 6-month program is geared towards parents of teens and young adults to turn your teens into world-changers using my unique 5D Launchpad method designed to accelerate learning and transformation.

Doreen incorporates the latest neuroscience research and emotional intelligence into practical everyday language so that you can have success inside and outside your home. We all know how our home life impacts our work life. Helping families have a strong home life is my passion!

Courageously launch teens who connect, communicate and lead others with a positive influence by capturing their hearts.

Doreen will empower you with the latest brain hack you need to transform your home from chaos to calm, from conflict to peace & joy, from uncertainty to confidence.

Employers are searching for people with confidence who can influence others, cooperate, and think critically, as they manage relationships in the workplace. These skills are learned at home and I can help you empower your teens to be these world-changers.

-Gain cooperation and respectful communication, even when emotions are high

-Empower your teens for success by fostering independence & responsibility.

-Engage your family at a heart level so that you can impact and become their main influencer.

-Prepare independent thought leaders who can resist peer pressure & stand up for their beliefs and themselves.

-Parent from a place of courage versus a place of fear

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