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Time is Stealing Your Dreams

Goals are not enough. You must have a system that propels you toward your goals. Let's start with something simple and effective - your daily schedule. I guarantee every minute of every 24-hour day is used (but not always moving you toward your goals and dreams).

Like me you probably use a digital calendar system. That is a great tool, it just doesn't track progress toward goals. The electronic calendar also let me down a couple of times, not reminding of meetings - I can't afford to disappoint a client or partner. So I added a paper calendar to supplement the digital tool.

This was great - but it did not help me define goals or track my progress. I needed to know that those things taking time on my calendar and keeping me busy were the right things. None of the calendar products out there worked. So I created the Independent Planner designed for people like me: solo entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, and small business owners.

Learn more at The Independent Planner is a full 12-month planning system. Each planner is handmade in England. I am producing a limited run of the 2021 Independent Planners and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Order today at

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