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Chantal Tompkins

Graphic Artist | Executive Assistant | Creative

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Graphic Artist | Executive Assistant | Creative

Interested in all things creative, curious about how art and color can enhance people's businesses. I utilize a combination of art and technology to create a creative process to bring entrepreneurs' expressiveness and ideas to life. Using the graphics I create, I help viewers capture their attention and convey the right message. Create illustrations, logos, and other designs using software or by hand. Make sure that each graphic has the appropriate color scheme and layout. Strive for visually appealing and brand-consistent designs.

As an Executive Assistant, I'm self-motivated with keen attention to detail. Aiming to continuously exceed clients' expectations in order to deliver value and excellence. In addition to my organizational skills, I maintain an ability to build relationships by communicating effectively. I am very ambitious and passionate about continuing to gain knowledge and experience in my career.

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