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Carolene Joy Cabrera King
Breathwork & Liberation Work

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Carolene Joy Cabrera King

Breathwork & Liberation Work

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1:1 Breathwork Healing Session

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I am so excited to breathe and heal with you! Once you book your appointment, please email an intention and the title/artist of a song that makes you feel good feeling emotions at minimum of 24 hours in advance so I can create your session personalized to you and your needs, based on your energetic blueprint. Send this information to Once I receive this information, I will respond with a zoom link where we will have your session.

For our time together, please find a quiet space where you can lie flat and be undisturbed for an hour--a yoga mat on the floor or something similar works well.

Headphones are recommended. Please try not to eat 2 hours before the session (or drink too much water). It is also recommended for you to have a blanket and a pillow nearby. 

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