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Brenda B. Bailey

I help Entrepreneurs take their foot off the brake!

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FREE 5 Day "Activate Your Inner Money Magnet" Vibration Elevation

Coaches, Consultants & Biz Strategist…   Are you ready to get your clients better, faster results?  

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In just 5 Days you’ll...

1. Learn the main reasons your Money Magnet is not as active as it could be. 


2. Learn why your beliefs will ALWAYS override any thoughts you hold in your head and what to do to rewire those beliefs.


3. Learn one of the biggest mistakes you make that holds money and abundance far from you. 


4. Learn the ugly truth about the biggest energetic drain on your Inner Money Magnet.


5. Clear & Activate your Multidimensional Money Magnet.

If you know someone who’d benefit by having their inner money magnet activated or turned up to the next level, please share this link:  

You’ll get one entry per person who joins the group - to our raffle for a FREE Theta Healing Session with Brenda B. Bailey ($500 value).

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