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Brandon Fong

Entrepreneur, Marketer, Author, & 🌏 World Traveler

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Let Me Find $100,000+ Hidden In Your "Business Backyard"

Do you know how many entrepreneurs suffer from “shiny object syndrome”... getting excited about new tactics every other day that don’t actually produce results?

What I've found is that small growth happens when you focus on the tactics... big growth happens when you focus on the foundation... but HYPER growth happens when you focus on engineering an environment that supports the foundation.

What I do is help entrepreneurs to engineer business environments for hyper-growth to expand their impact, time, and income... so that they can have more freedom, fulfillment, and happiness.

I work with businesses that fit the following criteria:

  • ​Generates $500K+/yr
  • Sell a B2B service
  • ​Have an average customer LTV of $10,000+
  • ​Have high client satisfaction and a track record of results
Before I take on any clients, I start by providing a business diagnostic backed by my $100,000 guarantee.

The diagnostic will uncover $100,000+ worth of value in your business.

If you would like help implementing the findings of the diagnostic and we are a good fit, I have limited "results-based" consulting spots available, and I waive the diagnostic fee.

If you aren't 100% confident that you received $100,000 of value, you will receive a full refund for the diagnostic.

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