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Barbera Schouten

From Transfucked to Transformed

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The Authentic Super Power System

THE 6 step program for Intuitives, Empaths and Other Energy Sensitive People who want to understand who they are, so they can fall in love with themselves, get clear on what's really important to them and be free to live the fulfilling life they've always wanted, but did not know they could have.

After working with Intuitives, Empaths and other Energy Sensitive People for over 7 years, I have created my own unique method that helps you overcome your obstacles, step into your full potential, get clear on what's really important to you and FINALLY creating that life of FREEDOM that you so desire.

I call this method the Authentic Super Power System.

It has all my best knowledge, kick-ass tools and proven methods to help you to embrace your super powers and to love unconditionally & accept yourself unapologetically, so you can FINALLY feel proud about who you are and fall in love with your AUTHENTIC self.

So you can STOP pretending to be someone you are not, STOP feeling ashamed about who you are, STOP feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and drained, but INSTEAD understand who you are and what you want in life so you can spread your wings and fly.

So you will feel Happy & Free, full of Energy & Passion, with unshakable Self-Confidence, a deep Inner Peace and the ultimate FREEDOM TO BE YOURSELF.

The AUTHENTIC Super Power system is the FOUNDATION every Empath or Energy Sensitive needs to build the life they've always wanted.

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