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Audrey Holst

You're not perfect - and let's talk about how to deal with that

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Reclaim your energy and agency without putting more on your plate

If being perfect was going to work for you, this would be THE year for it to work it's magic. But that's not what's happened, is it?

Doubling down on control, putting your head down, and doing everything asked of you with a smile, amidst a global pandemic and civil unrest, isn't a good strategy. I’m sure it doesn't soothe your burnout, worry, or anxiety.

And yes, power is shifting. There’s a hopeful feeling there’s relief on the “other side.”

But here’s my gentle reality check for you:

We’re not going back to that life. And that’s a good thing.

Different politicians in power aren’t going to bring life back to so-called normal. And the “other side” is much farther off than you’re hoping.

And, this all means you have a huge opportunity here.

What’s been normalized over the years has upheld hustle culture, burnout, and systems of oppression. And perfectionism has been at the forefront.

Perfectionism is the ultimate survival mechanism. It orients us to fear and every behavior is about not getting in trouble, not getting it wrong, and not rocking the boat. So instead of your innate, internal brilliance calling the shots, you’ve been steered by external oppressive systems to keep you “safe”. But, as the last year(s) have shown us, those systems are NOT helping.

I’d say we’re due for some boat rocking, wouldn’t you? And, that’s exactly what you can expect from the work I do and the community I cultivate.

Because I know that real change is built on building relationships, let's keep it human. If you're interested in what I'm up to or what my work supports, click here to schedule a virtual chat so we can get to know each other. I look forward to connecting with you. Here's to more boat rocking.

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