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Amanda Abella

Helping creatives, coaches and consultants triple their revenue in half the time.

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My brand is "Make Money Your Honey" - I help coaches, creatives and consultants build Systems, Influence and Sales to triple their business in half the hours within 90 days.

Claudia was a career coach working 8 days a week making $7k/month and within 45 days, she had closed her first $17k week; now that she has her sales process dialed in, she was able to quintuple her business, working half as many hours and she's now planning her maternity leave.

We create a high-ticket scalable product that allows them to stop trading time for money, then we build organic marketing systems to consistently generate warm leads without paid traffic, followed by 6-weeks of intensive sales training to maximize their conversion rates.

If you have a high ticket offer (or an idea for one) we can help you scale, 3x’ing your revenue while working half as much. If you're interested, we have a Persuade to Profit Framework and a 3-minute Assessment that will show you how to get started:

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