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Book Of Experts is an "experts on demand" referral network for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and expert-based business owners who believe in doing good by connecting with other smart people.

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Many other referral groups are focused on local or geographic markets. Book of Expert members often deliver beyond their local market and often with a focus of building their business online.


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How do you find the experts and expertise you can trust? Ask the people you already know and like. With Book of Experts you can search their Referral Circle and see who they are willing to refer.

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Every day social media users ask "Who would you hire to do X?" The answers stream in to the comments, but a week later that post will be long since forgotten. Book of Experts was created for one purpose... to connect experts to share referrals and recognition.

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  • Invitation-only means only the best experts to pick from
  • No cost or fees to be a member
  • All applicants are reviewed and hand-picked for membership
  • Build your own "Referral Circle" of experts you are willing to refer (and refer you)
  • Publish your Offers, Feedback, Frequently Asked Questions to help educate your best prospects

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